Monday, November 14, 2016

The Orange Hat Project

A detail of the community weaving

Inspired by the tour I took when I first arrived here almost a month ago, we were warned that it was hunting season and that we should wear bright orange while walking through the woods for our own safety.... the Orange Hat Project began....and now it is complete.

Thank you to all the residents here at the Vermont Studio Center that took the time to participate in this exchange. I love how the project have evolved from orange hats to scarfs, mittens, shirts, pants, etc... 33 people participated in this project and created the community weaving pictured below.

Thank you. This project would not have been a success without all of you... Stay safe everyone!

1. Cathy

2. Daphne
3. Anne
4. Sebastian
5. Virgina
6. Melissa
7. Dara
8. Lesley

9. Sabrina
10. Fran
11. Claudette
12. Madelyne
13. Heather
14. Laura
15. Arnie
16. Kristyn
17. George
18. Keke
19. Kara
20. Andrey
21. Krista
22. Dayna
23. Heather
24. Mike
25. Marie
26. Beth
27. Paola
28. Beijing Charlie
29. Megan
30. Soren
31. Katherine
32. Ken
33. Christi

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