Tuesday, March 15, 2016


"The weaving is so beautiful that I feel like having heard the voice from heaven." Misao Jo

The Saori quote of the day calendar

I began my day painting. I was looking a a picture of the weaving that Laura made on Saturday. 

Once in the studio, we tried the piece I made yesterday on the model form…

Today the colors changed today… the greens of the island began to combine with the colors from when we were at Pacifica. I also learned how to incorporate "worms" of yarn into my work...

Today Beth and Linda came to weave in the morning. It was their first time using a Saori loom. Linda said that it was , "Delightful!" 

Marie came over for the day and she brought some things for my portrait project. I am up for an interesting challenge since I usually weave the objects people give me into fabric, but Marie very generously gave me some of her handwoven fabric. This is going to be an interesting collaboration. 

Marie also brought some of her paintings of vegetables to share. 

We had a nice lunch by the water where there were arbutus trees and a fantastic view. We walked out onto the dock to get an even better view. This place is beautiful! 

Arbutus trees grow within a mile from the water. 

They also shed their bark. 

We went back to the studio after lunch. Marie painted while Terri and I wove. I had great company this afternoon. 

Hey, what do you do when this happens? 

Weave it right in, of course! 
Terri gave me a bunch of jewelry that she was willing to part with. I look forward to hearing the stories that these things spark. I made a warp for her piece today. Seven seems like a great number to use for many reasons, so I made the warp using bunches of 7. Saori weaving came into both of our lives in significant ways about eleven years ago, so I chose eleven different colors that felt right to represent Terri. The warp is 77 strings at the cross. It will be 154 strings wide. I look forward to where things go tomorrow…

The warp for Terri's piece

Terri's items and the warp I will weave them into

My fabric…to be continued….

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