Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Wednesday Already!

Saori Residency- Day 5

"An attitude of gratitude brings opportunities"
Sometimes the quotes dangling from tea bags are so right!

In the studio Terri and I were weaving in the morning. Here's Terri's favorite part…

Today's quote of the day, "Creation is mental/spiritual pleasure. Acknowledge the difference between copying and learning.  Lynn came to visit today. She brought some of her jackets to share with me. I am looking forward to making my fabric into some kind of jacket, vest, squid, tunic…we shall see… It will be good for me to learn some of this while I am here. Thanks for the inspiration Lynn!

Once my fabric was complete, I had to wash it first before sewing it into anything…

We had a relaxing lunch break. Once we were done eating, I had fed the birds. They eat right from your hands!

Back in the studio, I began to plan the warp for "little Terri". I am going to weave Terri's piece on the small piccolo loom.

After a productive work day in the studio, we went to Idol Beach to hunt for starfish. They are big, meaty and colorful. We found some great ones on the shore at low tide…

Terri's husband Alan is a photographer and I got to see this team in action today. Terri brought her weaving to the beach and Alan photographed it in various spots. I snuck in, got my shadow in the light (sorry Alan!) and took a few shots too. The rocks there were worn away with fantastic patterns left in them. They looked like lace.

Alan and Terri's shadows in my picture as the weaving is photographed on an arbutus tree. 

The rocks

I look forward to working more on "little Terri" tomorrow as well as sewing my fabric into some kind of clothing…possible my west coast dream coat or a version of it...


  1. What a fun adventure! I am loving all the inspiration inside and outside the studio... Thanks for documenting the days so well!

    1. You are very welcome! I am glad that you are enjoying the blog! I am inspired by the things outside of the studio just as much as the things inside the studio. Reminds me a bit of this quote…"Art is not about pretty things, it’s about who we are and what happened to us and how our lives are affected.”

  2. You got your star fish picture!!!! YAY! It matches Terri's new weaving....Fabulous beach, sorry I missed the field trip but I did make the ferry! Lovely visit :)

  3. Yes! I was so happy to find starfish yesterday. It does match Terri's weaving perfectly. Yesterday was a purplish day. So glad that you could join us for some of it Lynn and glad you made the ferry and had a safe trip back home. See you Saturday!