Monday, March 14, 2016

Saori Sunday- Part Two

Saori Residency- Day #2- Part Two

Here is the continuation of my Saori Sunday post...

Barbara and Jacquie came together today to weave for the very first time. They seemed to really enjoy the process. Marie had shared with everyone that it does not matter how much weaving experience one has, behind the loom we are all equal.

Barbara and Jackie weaving

Barbara's work

Jacquie's fabric

Alan joined us in the afternoon for the Saori Kai and brought these fantastic pieces woven out of fine fibers like silk and bamboo and containing impressive details. Everyone was interested, even the dog, Yoda.

a detail of one of Alan's pieces

Claudie not only brought Yoda to the Kai, but also a couple of woven pieces. The first a jacket that I did not want to take off  when I put it on. The second a piece of clothing that clearly showed her interest in flying. While training to be a pilot, this one had it own wings.

Terri shared a wearable piece and had fun trying the same piece on several different ways. Isa joined the Kai in the afternoon as well and was interested in turning her fabrics into clothing.

I worked on setting up the warp I had started yesterday and shared a presentation about my work during the Kai. My interest in making connections to others through art is guiding me at his residency. I am also inspired to learn some of the new techniques I have seen. However, even though I am not always so sure about sewing and clothing design, something in me thinks that the piece of fabric that will be made out of that warp might just become my west coast dream coat… We shall see…


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  1. I just found you, Stacey! Wondering where this pattern sheet came from...I try to get all the Saori patterns, and I don't recognize this one! ❤