Sunday, March 13, 2016

Saori Sunday- Part One

Saori Residency- Day #2- Part One

"It was the conventional way of teaching that discouraged any expression of individuality and prevented people from discovering their abilities hidden inside." Misao Jo

Each workshop session that Terri leads begins with a reading by Saori founder, Misao Jo. The quote above came from this morning's reading. The passage was about teaching the Saori way to others and how our students can excel. Misao was to teaching five people and says, "because they were a group of five, it required each of them only one fifth of the effort to master weaving." Today in the studio, it was another day of learning from one another.

Lynn was working on weaving together her leftover treasures. Most pieces that remained in her accumulating bags held memories of the fabrics she once made. As these pieces passed through her fingers and became new fabric, she remembered the stories.

It is interesting how we influence one another while working alongside each other in the studio. 

Marilee was inspired by things she saw posted on the blog yesterday. She has a wonderful energy and had plenty to share. During the workshop, she made a powerful red piece of fabric with swirling fibers. At the Saori Kai (a time to gather and share with one another), she shared her sparkly woven jacket, and her hanging piece which used an interesting technique that I would like to learn.

Sandy is a friend of Lynn’s. She was a traditional weaver many years ago and came today to try Saori weaving. I asked each person what part of their fabric was their favorite. This was Sandy’s favorite part. I am planning to create a series of small paintings from these photos of favorite parts. One for each of the people I meet here.

Marie began this rainy day in the studio at Brentwood Bay by setting up a clasped warp. Another technique I hope to learn while I am here. She shared some fantastic pieces at the Saori Kai in the afternoon that combined different pieces of woven fabric into one. She also made the top that I am wearing in the photo below.

One of Marie's favorite pieces

Magee arrived at the studio carrying her own small loom. She has been weaving for about a year and a half and also enjoys felting. She loves the free form nature of Saori weaving. At the Saori Kai she shared some of her felted pieces as well as some of her woven scarves. I wonder if she will combine her weaving and felting the way Marie combines her pieces together?

To be continued, Please look for the Part Two post tomorrow...


  1. Thank you for capturing so many wonderful snippets of our day yesterday! I love the picture of the rain behind the warping board. I'm still processing all that we shared and the ideas I have roiling around in my brain!!! So much fun to spend time with're energy and laugh are infectious!

    1. Lynn, I enjoyed spending time with you as well. What a fantastic weekend. I look forward to what the rest of the week will bring! I also look forward to seeing you again on Saturday.

  2. What an inspiring day! It was wonderful to weave with you, Stacey! Thank you for sharing your impressions (and photos) of the day. So many great discussions, memories and ideas. I kept waking up and writing new ideas that came to me while I slept last night. I am so glad you will be getting a chance to spend a few days weaving at Terri's magical studio in the woods on Salt Spring. I look forward to seeing your blog as it progresses.

  3. Marilee, So wonderful to meet you. I too have possibilities swirling around in my head after yesterday. I found YOU very inspiring as well. Arriving on Salt Spring Island last night was quite magical. The trees are so tall and I love the fuzzy green moss that covers the ground. I look forward to getting into the studio today and seeing what happens in there…