Thursday, March 17, 2016

Kannryoku is Sprouting Up

Saori Residency- Day 6

A sculpture by a local artist in the sculpture garden we stumbled upon this afternoon. 

Kannryoku- On my first day on Salt Spring Island, Terri told me about the message Misao had written for her…

It does not have a direct translation into English, but may mean something along the lines of "from the heart" but it is more of a feeling that is being expressed rather than something that you can say in words….

Thanks to Marie we have learned that kannryoku means, "a sense of ability to feel something". Misoa has created this word and says, "Kannryoku expands with spontaneity and stimulation." 

This experience as the Saori Salt Spring Artist in Residence has been full of spontaneous planning and lots of stimulation for learning new things. The calendar quote of the day today is, "Wait for sprouting up, if mess around, it will be destroyed." Kannryoku is certainly sprouting up! 

Today I worked on "Little Terri" while Terri worked on a weaving using this cool washable paper yarn from Japan that she had been given. The yarn is like a super story raffia. After warping it, it sprung off the warping board into quite a tangle. Terri was able to tame the tangle and thread the loom. The fabric  looks great so far. I wonder how it will wash up? I wonder what it will become…

The morning sunlight lights up the door tot he studio, inviting us in. 

Look at this yarn as it pops off the warping board.

No problem.

An interesting piece of fabric

In the meantime, working on "little Terri" the first wrap bracelet that I added to the weaving created an interesting shape into the fabric…

Adding the items Terri gave me into the fabric...

I learned a new technique today called the cool cross. Marilee had shared her piece at the Kai and I knew I needed to learn that trick. I decided that learning something new from Terri would be a perfect thing to include into the piece about her. Thanks for teaching me this Terri. 

This will make the piece three dimensional when it comes off the loom. 

Terri with "little Terri" or what has now become Terricloth! HaHaHa
We went exploring the island a little bit today to see some of the work, studios and galleries of local artist. We also made it to the water. 

wearing my newly woven mobius scarf
We had dinner at the Treehouse Cafe. There is a tree growing right through the middle of the restaurant! They also have delicious food. 

Back in the cottage, I moved the little loom in so that I could continue to work on the Terricloth. I will share more with you tomorrow. 


  1. I love the stories of the days and seeing Salt Spring through new eyes - eyes that shine! Inspiring!
    Happy weaving!

  2. Thanks Terri! I am just about ready to stop for the night. The cool cross just came off the loom!

  3. Thanks for sharing your residency journey with us, Stacey.Weaving with Terri at her studio is truly magical! I look forward to seeing your cool cross off the loom!

    1. Thanks for the inspiration Marilee! I will be sure to include a photo in my next post. I am also looking forward to visiting the sheep today. Many cute photos to come…

  4. I am really enjoying seeing the Salt Spring Saori experience through your eyes, as well, Stacey. I love it there and it looks like you do too.

  5. Thanks. I am glad you are enjoying the blog. This is a special place. I do love it here.