Saturday, March 12, 2016

Weaving, Water and Butterflies

Saori Residency Day #1

After a good nights sleep at the Benvenuto Bed and Breakfast, I woke up refreshed and ready.

This place is comfy and adorable! 

The trees are already in bloom.

What a perfect studio location at Pacifica Paddle.  It was a beautiful sunny morning to view the harbor.

And the studio has quite a view. A great place to be weaving as the tide goes in and out.

I met a handful of lovely people today who came to weave and explore the possibilities of weaving. I realize that I have missed working within a studio atmosphere such as this one. I learn so much by being around other people...

Julie explored making tassels, using puffs of wool roving, incorporating a handmade sweater, and making "dingle dangles". She was inspired by some of the images that she had found on Pinterest.

A great use for that sweater! 

Laura and her daughter Kamille were focused and very productive. Laura is a writer and enjoys the improvisational nature of Saori weaving.

Lynn was working on a clasped warp. I had learned this technique when weaving the weft, but not for the warp. It is certainly something that I want to experiment with myself while I am here.

I prepared a warp today with blues, tan, brown, and white. Colors that felt right for today being right by the water. I also wove a piece of fabric using yarn that was made out of fabric scraps from saris. It is a playful and colorful piece.

After a lovely day working in the studio, Terri and I went to the Victoria Butterfly Garden. It is a magical place full of butterflies and one very friendly parrot. What a great first day!